Sunday Seven Volume 1

I know that this space is usually occupied by a post that waxes poetic about all of the super sweet deals around the interwebs. But you know what? We feel as though the time has come to take the training wheels off and let you discover your own irresistible Sunday sales (you know our methods (and the like, six, stores we shop at). Use them). Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re taking it easy! No, no! We just thought it might be fun to spend our Sundays chit-chatting with all our pals (that’s you!) about the things that are on our minds. So, here are a few things that have been kickin’ around my head space this week:

  1. Whenever I need inspiration, affirmation, or just a little pick me up, I turn to the wise words of some of my favorite funny ladies: Tina, Amy, Allie… There’s just something cosmically comforting about having those words you really need to hear wrapped in a little hilarity. So, imagine my excitement when I learned that two of my favorite human beings were releasing books this September. Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling is on shelves right meow and Furiously Happy by The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, will be out this week (seriously, if you’re not already following her, you should be. And yes, you’re welcome in advance).
  2. As if I weren’t already crazy, bonkers excited about the new Star Wars movie (have you seen the trailers?! It looks like a real Star Wars movie and decidedly Jar Jar Binks-free!), CoverGirl is releasing a line inspired by the franchise this September. The force (of me buying every last one of those nail lacquers) is strong with this one. So… goodbye paycheck. 
  3. I’m fairly convinced (and the 11+ itchy volcanos smattering my legs may have something to do with this) that mosquito bites are the universe’s way of punishing us for something awful that we’ve done… probably killing the bees. (see also: Finding a lip color you adore and then discovering they’ve all been opened and used… Gross)
  4. This week is St. Louis Design Week and I am super excited about this year’s festivities! Just a buncha design nerds, sittin’ around on a buncha sleek, minimalist furniture, shootin’ the breeze while probably drinking some special, hand brewed IPA you’ve never heard of… *sigh* it’s gonna be great. I know I won’t be able to make it to all of the events this year (something about a full time job and responsibilities), but there are definitely a few I refuse to miss!
  5. Guess who has six thumbs and a brand spankin’ new Pinterest page? That’s right, WE DO! Follow us here
  6. Is pumpkin spice all the things season over yet? No? …Bummer.
  7. And finally, here is an artist’s rendering of the toad I saw on a very important blog conference call earlier this week:



What about you guys? What things have got you all jazzed? Let us know! We’ve got our snacks and we’re here to listen.

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