Products We Love: I’m Blushing

I_really_appreciate_you_telling_me_that_I_look_tired.jpgI suffer from Chronic Corpse Face Syndrome – as in, unless I deliberately do something to add color to my face, it will look like I’m one of the walking dead. I generally wear makeup every day with the intention not of making myself look actively prettier, but just to bring myself up to a baseline level of “alive”. For example, last year a coworker pulled me aside in the lunch room to tell me how much he admired my ability to go without makeup, and how pretty I was even without it – and I was definitely wearing plenty of makeup at the time. Which (while deeply annoying and actually kind of offensive at the time) told me that I was doing my job right – applying just enough to avoid the dreaded “you sure look tired today” or “are you sick?” comments that I inevitably get if I do nothing.

I don’t use a lot of products, and I don’t put in the same level of effort every day, but it’s rare to catch me without some sort of blush on my cheeks. Blush is my #1 tool in the fight against Chronic Corpse Face Syndrome by adding much needed color to my face. I was a loyal Cover Girl Rose Silk user for years, until I read a review on my friend’s blog of a blush she had just tried out that apparently was both completely flawless and completely affordable (under $10? I’LL TAKE TWELVE.)

It was this stuff:

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

I hunted some down, tried it out…. and IMMEDIATELY chucked my old blush. That’s how quickly I was converted. Between the universally flattering gold/pink color, the intense pigmentation, and the super blush brush friendly round compact design, it was love at first sweep. I have since tried other colors (and they’re all great, really),  but I keep reaching for Luminoso. It’s just always exactly right. And it never lets me look tired.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Note: this post was not sponsored by Milani (although hello Milani, I’m interested), I just really love this product

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