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As you all have may have read (and if not, check in here) Jess has left St. Louis for an amazing opportunity and homecoming in Minnesota.  That’s the funny thing about being in your mid to late 20’s (and that is the only hint you will ever get, as a girl never reveals her age…), it takes a long time and a lot of moving to find home.  Maybe you continue to plant roots where you grew up, maybe you settle down somewhere entirely new, but it does seem to take a lot of shifting around to get there.

In the process, if you are lucky, you make a lot of amazing friends and have to say a lot of good-byes. This day and age, there is nothing from stopping you staying friends no matter the different locations or time zones, but yet somehow, despite the myriad ways to do so, keeping in touch can be a real challenge.  We get caught up in our day to day, weeks go by, and all the sudden you realize the next time you check in, you can either spend hours getting each other up to speed or you can just go with the age-old standby, “I’m good”.



The ladies of FBC are here to say that no matter where Emily, Jeanne or Jess roam, we promise to always be here and never just be “good”. We started this blog not just because we love fashion, but because we respect and love each other, and no amount of miles (550 to be exact), can change that.




So up on these roofs, we may not be able to see each other, but we can certainly see pretty far, and that is more than enough to keep us, and Fashion By Committee, going strong.


Pants (similar) | Jacket (similar, dreaming) | Top | Scarf | Bag (similar) | Booties (similar)


Jeans | Sweater Similar | Scarf Similar 1 Similar 2 | Booties Exact (last season so very limited availability) Similar (for this season) | Earrings | Sunglasses


Jeans | Shirt (similar) | Scarf (Similar) | Booties | Sunglasses (similar)

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