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If you are sick of hearing me wax poetic about Fall…well, I would skip this post (and maybe my next 20 or so).  Fall is my favorite season for a million reasons: great holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, My wedding anniversary; all the best national days of celebration!), gorgeous weather, and obviously, amazing fashion.  But just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you have to pack away all of your best summer items! Instead, show those favorites a little extra love and take them into to Fall with you (because otherwise they will miss you so very much).




One transitional item I love to take from Summer to Fall is shorts.  It is easy to think of shorts as purely summer wear, but they can totally be rocked all the way into November. (As long as the weather behaves. We discussed this Mother Nature, I suffered through your insanely hot and humid Summer, now give me my beautiful, temperate Fall!) Just trade out the brightly colored and patterned shorts you’ve been sporting for something a bit more muted (perhaps in a gorgeous olive green?), pair them with your favorite button down and cardigan, and swap your sandals for some flats (I literally cannot say enough good things about these metallic loafers guys, you will be seeing A LOT of these shoes). And voila, you are ready to go jump in a pile of leaves, or curl up with your favorite hot beverage or, I don’t know, fly south for the winter!

Could I? Perhaps. But should I?
Could I? Perhaps. But should I? No, geese are mean and I hate them.

Clearly, Fall makes a girl pensive (just one more thing to love about it). Regardless, whatever your favorite weekend activity, this quick and easy outfit will ensure you are ready to get out there and enjoy!

So, what is your favorite piece to take with you from Summer to Fall?


Shorts Similar | Shirt Similar | Cardigan (in a million perfect-for-fall shades!) | Shoes (sold out in silver but limited availability in gold.) | Necklace | Sunglasses



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