Life Happens


I am a planner.  I am someone who wakes up every morning with my day scheduled. Not every minute (because then I might actually be a punctual person…), but I tend to have a general plan for the day that I like to stick to.  I don’t go nuts when it gets off track, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing.




But life is kind of a bitch.  Life doesn’t like when you plan, and life is a big fan of the curveball.  Life saw that I was getting just a bit too comfy and threw us one hell of a pitch.  It gave my husband a stomachache.

Now I know that sounds like nothing, and at the time, it wasn’t.  T stayed home from work, and I went along my merry plan.  But then his stomachache got worse…and worse…and all of the sudden I found myself in the ER with a husband in so much pain he could not breathe.  My strong, unflappable husband had appendicitis and needed emergency surgery.

Now I know that appendicitis is quite common and not the scariest outcome, but in the 6 years we have known each other, nothing like this had ever happened (the closest experience was when T had to take me to the ER after I somehow hurt my neck washing shampoo out of my hair…but that is a story for another time). We were lucky and everything went right, T was home after one overnight stay at the hospital and he has been healing like a champ.  But when something like this happens, when life thrusts itself into your plan and shatters it while looking you straight in the eyes and laughing, it kind of forces you to take a step back and just react.  Don’t worry, this isn’t an “greet every sunrise and smell the flowers” moment, I appreciate the sentiment but I am just not that kind of person.  But I will say this: whether it is by choice or 100% not, sometimes it’s ok to let yourself be uncomfortable.  I learned a lot from this experience, like how I handle a crisis (a lot better than I would have expected honestly), and that laughter can get your through almost anything (Thank you, Parks and Rec). Most importantly, I learned that it’s not always the healthiest thing to lean on your plan.  So, rather than wake up on Saturday morning and figure out the schedule for the day, I threw the plan out the window, put on my new favorite dress, and T, Talullah and I spent some time playing in our backyard.



Life happened, and we survived; I honestly can’t think of a better reason to celebrate.

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