Night and Day

FBC- Day/night H&M dressWhen you work in non-profit, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be working an event at some point. It doesn’t matter what the reason for the event is (it’s probably fundraising, let’s be real), it usually entails a supersized, extra long work day (14 hours? Oy vey). Since showing up to work in your adult sized pizza cat onesie is frowned upon for some inexplicable reason (whatever job, you’re not the boss of me…oh wait, yes you are), it is incredibly important to be strategic with your wardrobe choices. Do you wear a comfy but polished outfit during the day, then change in the bathroom stall like an awkward, low-rent Superman (while standing precariously on top of your shoes obviously, because bathrooms are ew)? Do you try and inject some chill into your fancy event attire and make it daytime appropriate? Or do you just say, “Eff this” and follow your dreams of wearing your pizza cat pjs to work?

Luckily for my employment status, I chose option number two. For optimal day time comfort, I chose to tie a denim shirt over my fancy pants cocktail dress, give my toes a reprieve before the impending toe torture of the evening with a pair of comfy flats, and throw on my favorite 5 strand pearl necklace (because I’m a lady that’s why).

FBC- Day/night H&M dress

FBC- Pearl neckace

FBC- Blue pointy toe flats

To take the look from day to night, I ditched the shirt and pearls, added a pale pink necklace (which is probably the second most sensible necklace I own, after the pearls. Everything else is highly absurd. #sorrynotsorry) to draw out the paler colors in the watercolor pattern of the dress, and the most adorable (or should I say, adorabow… get it? Okay, I’ll stop) pair of pumps that you ever did see.

FBC- Day/night H&M dress

FBC- Day/night H&M dress

FBC- Pink necklace

FBC- Bow-tie pumps


(PS- Any fellow non-profiteers out there have some tips and tricks on how to get through those marathon work days?) 

(PPS- I promise to never take pictures at night again.)


Dress | Denim shirt (similar) | Pearls | Blue flats (similar) (similar 2) | Pink necklace (similar) | Bow-tie pumps


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