Products We Love: The Pore-Less Wonder

If I was a superhero and could pick 3 superpowers, I really think one might be flawless skin 24/7 (The other two would probably be the ability to get dressed at lightening speeds and the power to turn back time so I am never late.  Pretty selfish superpowers…Does that make me a super-villain?!)

Anyways, as I was saying, I’ve never been someone who was able to roll out of bed and have that sun-kissed glow to their skin.  I have more what one might call a sweat-kissed sheen with bags under my eyes big enough to carry my keys (That husband of mine is one lucky man). But as a wise person once said “Fake it ’til you make it!”, and since my skin is pretty much made, fakin’ it seems my best option.

Is she a secret agent? Is that her alter ego? What’s the briefcase for? So mysterious…

So, you must imagine how thrilled I was when a very kind woman at Sephora pointed me in the direction of Benefit’s POREfessional Primer.  This stuff is legit a lifesaver.  Not only is it light enough to wear under your favorite foundation, but it is so amazing you can actually wear it by itself and have that pore-free, airbrushed skin you’ve always dreamt of.  Plus it is somehow able to make your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom (not a super great analogy for your face, but trust me, it feels real good).  I actually bought this for my wedding day, but once I tried it for the first time, I was hooked and it has absolutely become a part of my everyday make-up routine.

So if you are looking for your new favorite primer, look no further because Benefit’s POREfessional is here (in an aqua trench coat with matching fedora and over-the-knee boots..girl is fashionable!) to save the day!


PS- Thought it over, definitely a super-villain…

Owning it.

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