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Ever have one of those work days where you could really use a hug?

Of course you have. You’re human. You know what I’m talking about.

I was having just such a day last week, but sadly, there were no hugs on my personal horizon, and I wasn’t really feeling the hug-my-way-through-the-office option. So I had to explore option B.

In this case, option B was my new favorite dress (which I’m seriously considering buying in burgundy as well), which is comfy enough that it has carried me through an interview, a full work day, dinner out, house cleaning, and a 9 hour cross country drive. All within a two week time frame and with an average of 3 compliments per wear. Yeah. It’s a pretty great dress. (I’m wearing a Tall here, just so the sleeves are long enough to pull down over my hands when the office gets inevitably is too nippy)

I added a pretty lace scarf (which was purchased massively on sale, thank you) to cozy up in, some kickin’ earrings to bling it up a notch, and some heels to (literally) elevate me from sad face panda to fierce honey badger (that… that is what heels do, right? Please tell me I’m right).

Jess4Jess6Jess10It’s amazing how much a cute-but-still-super-comfortable outfit can do for you…. but of course no amount of swing dresses, pretty scarves, blingy jewelry, or heels can boost your mood like playing (and then snuggling) with something small, furry, and adorable.

(thanks Tallulah for being that special doggy someone for me!)




Dress | Scarf (similar) | Shoes | Earrings

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