Jess’s August Budget

Let’s be real here. We’re all on budgets. And it’s nothing to hem and haw and be ashamed about. Life is expensive, yo! It can get especially expensive when you’re constantly looking at pretty things online and posting about fantabulous end-of-season sales. It’s hard to say no and walk away from something pretty (for me, at least. You’re probably a better, stronger person). So in the interest of giving myself some accountability (and showing off all the pretty things I’ve found), I’ve decided to link up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers. Check out the August edition HERE!

Here are the rules that I, personally, will be playing by:

  • My clothing and accessories budget for each month will be $150. I recognize that for some people that’s a ton of cash, and for others it’s basically nothing, but it’s what works for me. I do reserve the right to adjust it up or down depending on life. And stuff. And things.
  • No matter how much I have left over at the end of the month (HAH that’s funny, leftover money), I will not be transferring it to the next month. I’m hoping to do the responsible thing and throw it into savings, instead.
  • Ultra-basics like socks, underwear, etc will not count towards the budget, nor will workout gear or PJ’s or anything like that. Basically, if you’re not going to see it in a picture here, it’s not included in the budget. I think we’re all going to be happier that way.

Jess's August Budget



Essential Skinny Ankle Pants – Loft – $41.70

Statement Necklace – Target – $13.96

Textured buckle belt in black – Gap – $17.97 (similar)

Swing dress in Dark Heather – Old Navy – $17.97

Leather envelope clutch in cognac – J Crew Factory – $27.99

Jacquard Sweatshirt Tee – Loft – $29.70

Kendra Scott EarringsPaperdolls Boutique$19 (I KNOW, right? Unreal.)

Leather Tassel Necklace in coral (not pictured) – Random store on the Duck, NC boardwalk – $24 (similar idea, at least)


Budget: $150

Total spent: $192.29

Over/under: A whopping $42.29 over budget… which I’m calling not bad for being my first month on a real budget. Especially since I was so sure that I spent WAY more than that (plus it’s not like I couldn’t get those Kendra Scott earrings at that price…).

Next month is going to be pretty crazy for me, but I’m hoping to get a few gaps in my closet filled in. Specifically, I’m going to be on the hunt for some new cognac flats (I destroyed mine while on vacation), a commute-friendly tote (re: not afraid of a little rain and capable of hauling shoes and laptops), and a neutral work skirt or dress (I’m thinking gray, camel, or navy).

2 thoughts on “Jess’s August Budget

    1. Thanks! I’ve been wearing the earrings, with… well.. everything, hah. I’m really hoping to come in under budget next month, but we’ll see what happens 🙂

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