Why? Why Not!


Here’s the big question about fashion for me: why? Isn’t it just kind of superficial, caring so much about how you look? Isn’t it a waste of money to always buy new clothes and keep up with all the current trends? Aren’t you just doing it to impress other people? Just, why?

I really did used to feel that way (and believe me, you could tell).  But then I realized, there’s a good reason why we care about something as frivolous as the clothes we put on our bodies day in and day out; it lets you define you.  It gives you the opportunity to be creative, to share a part of how you perceive yourself in that moment with the world, to set an expectation and simultaneously shatter it. Every day I am a million different things, and my outfits allow me to tell that story. If I am feeling casual and silly, or maybe sexy and ferocious, or perhaps cool and composed, my look can reflect that. I think that is a powerful thing and something worth a bit of time and effort.




So, why? Why not! Why not experiment with that new style that you’ve been eyeing? Why not spend a few hours seeing how the widely different colors, textures and patterns in your closet can come together to create cohesion and beauty? Why not try on every damn item in the store? Life is a big, complicated journey and people are constantly clamoring to put you in a box and tell you who you are, so don’t let them! Throw on your favorite item, whatever it may be, and greet the day with shoulders back, head held high and the knowledge that you are walking out the door confident that only you can decide who you want to be.


That’s why.

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