Not Your Garden Variety Skirt

FBC- Emily's favorite floral skirt

Life talk: I am not the world’s best browser. When I shop, I shop with purpose. Whether I’m hunting for the perfect work dress or a comfy pair of jeans, I walk into a store with a mission and few things (namely the shoe section at Target) can sway me from said mission until it is completed. I have a hard time moseying around a store “just looking”. Don’t get me wrong- shopping days with the girls are always a friggin’ blast, but I have to mentally prepare myself for a day of wandering (otherwise I get overstimulated… and then I start biting… it’s an ugly scene).

So, it’s just a little bit funny that some of my favorite pieces are ones I stumbled upon when I wasn’t even looking. Take this skirt for instance- I actually walked by it, stopped dead in my tracks, and reversed my steps like a cartoon rabbit to take a second look at it. It’s not something I would normally gravitate towards, but something about it just whispered, “Hey Emily, work slacks are super lame, buy me instead!” (thanks little voice in the back of my head, you really nailed it this time. Don’t get too cocky though. I still blame you for that terrible bob back in high school).

I love how watercolor strokes give the florals an ambiguous Rorschach ink blot quality (I see kittens eating nachos, what do you see?) rather than having clear cut roses or hydrangeas or trees or whatever. It adds a little edge to what would otherwise be a very saccharine skirt. It’s a very Emily approved way to wear florals.

FBC- Emily's favorite floral skirt

FBC- Emily's favorite floral skirt

Fashion By Committee

And do you know what the best part is? The wide ranging color palette (which I must admit, I originally found a bit daunting) gives me a primo opportunity to break out these sweet heels.

FBC- Blue suede shoes

Awesome, amiright? How do you guys inject some punchy personality into your professional looks?


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