It’s the Fall That’s Gonna Get Ya


I don’t know about you, but I find that without fail, I have the hardest time getting myself dressed and out in the door during those months of transition from one season to another.  You are pretty much over the current season, and so excited to finally try out all those outfits you’ve been planning, but the weather is just not cooperating (Like on a 40 degree day in March when you are dying to wear that new sundress, or that 100% humidity day in August where the only things in your closet that are inspiring you are cozy sweaters and booties).

My solution that works I’d say 75% of the time? Keep the fabrics and forms from the old season, and incorporate the colors and textures of the new one! It’s the best of both worlds in that you’ll be dressed for the weather you have but also incorporating those great pieces from the weather you want (It’s my little way of saying “suck it” to Mother Nature for not giving me my desired weather 365 days a year).






I knew when I saw this skirt at Old Navy last week that it would be the perfect piece to get me from summer to fall this year.  It is a great orange-yellow so I can totally match those fallin’ leaves when they come, and yet it is light and flow-y enough that I can wear it now through November.  For now I have paired with a super lightweight shawl collared cardigan and a tee shirt in one of my favorite fall shades (pumpkin: not just for your lattes), but soon enough I will be wearing it with a big comfy sweater and knit scarf.  Rather than wishing your seasons away, why not make getting dressed in these in-between months a little bit easier so you can get out there and enjoy them!

JeanneOrange11 (1)

What pieces have you been finding that you can both wear now and incorporate into your fall look?


Skirt (in so many perfect-for-fall colors and patterns!) | Tee Shirt | Sweater | Boots Similar 1 Similar 2 | Necklace Similar

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