I’m Sale-ing Awaaaaaaay…

Brothers and sisters, I’d like to spend today talking to you about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart AND my legs this time of year: pants. Yes, yes, that same garment of clothing that was an accursed scourge on my lower half not even a month ago is about to become my (and yours, but probably not Jeanne’s) best friend. So if y’all (it’s a Midwest thing, #sorrynotsorry) don’t mind, I’d like to dedicate this sales post to my favorite fall favorite…

Old Navy: For me, Old Navy is usually pretty hit and miss. Some things look super cute on the hanger, but dreadful on a human person. Other things are just total head scratchers. And we all know the clearance section is a veritable minefield of “WTF?” with the occasional hidden gem. BUT, Old Navy is really slaying fall fashion for me right now! You already know about my obsession with these booties (get. you. some.) and I recently added a super cool sweater and sunnie combo to my repertoire. However, the real story here is the pants situation. These pixie ankle pants come in approximately one billion colors and patterns (I may be exaggerating, but not a ton). I’ve already ordered them in purple and polka dot (and I’ve got my eye on the mustard ones). Did I mention that you can get 30% off your order today? I didn’t? Well, that was silly of me. Get on it, kids!

These polka dots are TOO freakin’ cute.

LOFT: If you like pants even half as much as I do then you will be excited to learn that LOFT is just going to take $20 off your pants price today. That means if you buy three pairs of pants you will basically have saved enough money to buy a FOURTH pair of pants! That’s like… money, y’all. I’m personally a big fan of these fancy leg cozies and this pair that Jess totally owns and I’m totally jealous of:

Doesn’t the color just scream fall to you?

Ann Taylor: Your favorite store and mine is running their Friends and Family event through Monday night (but I’m sure you already knew that). Hello, 40% off my entire purchase?! Where do I send the family Christmas card?

I’m pattern obsessed this fall.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a pants party to attend…

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