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There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are capable of sticking with a lip product until they use it all up, and those who…. aren’t. I fall FIRMLY into the latter category. My vanity, makeup bag, purses, car, and bedside table are all shameful graveyards of lip products (balms, treatments, stains, glosses, lipsticks, you name it) that I bought, tried, maybe even briefly loved…. then forgot about when the next new thing came along.

But guys.


Look at what just happened.






Here is the crazyawesome product that kept me by its side for a whole tube:


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

You’ve probably seen it at the checkout counter in Sephora, or heard about it somewhere. I – probably like many of you – resisted for a long time because oh my lord, $22.50 for what is, essentially, a heavily tinted chapstick? No thank you.

And in that time I resisted I bought a tin of lip balm ($6), a couple lip colors trying to nail down that my-lips-but-better look ($18, and spoiler alert, they failed), and at least two different SPF15 chapsticks to try to get my sunscreen fix ($6). So that’s, what, $30 spent on products that weren’t perfect? That for the most part, frankly, I can’t even find anymore?

Once I caved and bought a tube of this stuff, here’s what I realized I’d been missing out on the whole time:

  • Great moisturizing without the weird waxy feeling of some chapsticks
  • A super pretty color that NAILS the your-lips-but-better look, but is light enough that I can apply it at my desk without looking in a mirror (because ain’t nobody got time for that after eating lunch at their desk)
  • SPF 15!
  • A really nice, light rosy scent with zero flavor
  • Pretty metal packaging and a lid that screws on, thus ensuring that it will not accidentally come uncapped in your purse and smear all over everything you hold dear. Plus, it’s crazy strong and can hold up to almost any kind of abuse*

*ask Jeanne sometime about what abuse it CANNOT stand up to 🙂

Not only is it perfect to wear alone (for that I’m-not-wearing-makeup-except-kinda-maybe-a-little look we all do allllll the time), but it is FANTASTIC to wear over other colors. It just enhances and smooths over any imperfections in your application of a more serious lipstick.

And I am far from being alone in my love of this magical stuff! Check out basically any post on this blog, and there is about a 90% chance that the lady staring back at you is rocking this stuff either alone, or over one of these awesome lip crayons.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are some down sides. The color isn’t long wearing at all – maybe you get a couple of hours of wear. Maybe. But since it’s so moisturizing and nice to use, you’re going to want to put it on more frequently anyhow, so I consider this a non-issue. It’s also weirdly soft, which means that a) it gets used up faster than a firmer stick of chapstick would and b) if you’re applying it in the car and your husband drives aggressively over a bump, you will accidentally gouge a chunk of it out with your teeth. Not that I would know. Finally, yeah, there’s no getting around the fact that it is $22.50 and doesn’t really go on sale. But you know what? if I’m being honest, I think the higher price actually helped me stick with it. I mean, I definitely love the product, but the fact that I paid over twenty bucks for it meant that I was more careful with it. It has a designated pocket in my purse and everything, right next to my cell phone.

So the ultimate question – would I buy this again?



I kinda already did 🙂


What products are you loving on lately?


It’s worth noting that this post was NOT sponsored by Fresh, we just all love this stuff so much we wanted to scream it from the rooftops.  

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