Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone


Last winter I did something I don’t normally do. Instead of just walking past the J Crew storefront in the mall like I usually do (it’s just a little too rich for my current budget)… I walked right in. Now, I walked straight to the sale rack, but still. I was taking a chance – specifically a chance that I was going to fall in love with something WAY out of my price range. But low and behold, they were having an AMAZING 50% off sale items sale.

And that’s where I found this skirt. Who can say no to that twirl? It’s easily the single most complimented item in my wardrobe, and I love it dearly.

JessLook2.2 JessLook2.6JessLook2.4

Normally I stay pretty conservative with it, pairing it with  sweaters and simple tops, but I was recently convinced to try it with a tied chambray shirt, and while I wasn’t immediately convinced (tying shirts in general never seems to go well for me)… I love it.


Oh, and here’s my trick for wearing an outfit you’re on the fence about: rock it when you’re only working a half day. That way if you really truly hate it, bam! You’re already home and changed into jeans. Done and done.


What chances have you been taking recently?


Skirt (similar high, low) | Shirt (although I cannot in good faith recommend it, since it wrinkles like crazy)

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