You Say “Basic” Like it’s a Bad Thing!






When it comes to buying those perfect basics that match everything in your closet and really just fill that hole in your wardrobe, I am…not your girl.  You want justification for buying your 100th patterned dress or brightly colored skirt, you come to me, but with basics, I just seem to forget they are necessary. But here’s the thing: they super are.  If for no other reason then wearing a bunch of brightly colored and patterned items together makes it look like you got dressed in the dark still half-asleep (which I probably did, but the world does not need to know).

My new personal goal is to stock up on those basic items that I can use as a blank canvas to start with and build on from there.  Sure, planning an outfit around a statement piece can be fun, but it’s also nice to have those pieces you can throw on and know they will look good no matter what you pair them with. But here is what holds me back (Plot twist!): basics are just so…basic. I just don’t love the idea of buying something that I am going to see on everyone the moment I go outside.  I like my basics to have some oomph, some personality, so that they can both fill a hole in my closet and stand on their own.



Good example: when I saw this dress at LOFT the other day, I knew it was the perfect year-round basic black dress.  It is super soft and comfy for every day, but also tailored enough to dress up for work.  And I love the little flutter sleeve detail (See? Personality!).  But y’all, I am really here to talk about these shoes.


These shoes are so amazing, even Talullah wants a part of the action
Shoes so amazing, even Talullah wants a part of the action

THESE. SHOES. They have officially made it onto the Top Five List of Things Jeanne Treasures (Alongside Talullah, my husband, and that perfect shade of dark red nail polish that is all you want to wear come Fall…Ok so maybe my priorities are a bit skewed? Don’t judge.) You wouldn’t know it to look at them, but they are actually the ideal basic! They are a neutral color, the heel is high enough to be fancy but they are still totally wearable for everyday, and they go with EVERYTHING.  So, let’s stand together and agree to stop saying “basic” with that sneer (except when it comes to Ugg boots and jean mini skirts in the dead of winter, that still earns some serious side-eye), find those pieces that get your fashion wheels churning, and start warming to the idea of filling your closet with charming and interesting not-so-basic basics you love!


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