It’s the end of the (summer) as we know it…

JessLook3.1 (1)It’s the end of summer vacation here at the school where I work. Which means the kids are returning to campus… which in turn means that we adults have to suck it up and start dressing like, well, adults again.

Basically, that means I can’t wear jeans to work anymore.JessLook3.11Even if they’re paired with cute shoes and weirdly comfy-polished 2 in 1 sweaters.

JessLook3.9See you on the weekends, jeans. It’s been great.

JessLook3.5 (1)Now bring on the fall.

JessLook3.3 (1)


Sweater (similar) | Pants | Shoes | Necklace (similar) | Sunglasses (gift)

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