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FBC- Dinosaur Shirt

While weekdays are primarily dedicated to things like spreadsheets and meetings, weekends are ideally meant for only three things: sleeping, relaxing, and adventures (sorry Julie, these are a few of MY favorite things). Another one of my favorite things? This dinosaur shirt. Well, dinosaur anything, really (I’ve never had so much fun searching for similars for a post before- This dress may be my new favorite obsession). There is just something about slipping into something covered with my spirit animals that instantly brightens my mood and gets me in the right mindset for frolicking in the park or hunting down the best donut shop in town (a noble quest to be sure). The mojo of this top is so great that I’ve even been known to push the very boundaries of Casual Friday with it.

FBC- Dinosaur Shirt

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering how you too can channel your inner child while still looking like the adult that you are. Well, gather ’round children, Auntie Em is here to dole out a little wisdom: 1) Choose one piece of flair and let it be your star. I know it may be tempting to rock your dino shirt with your cat flats, heart shaped sunglasses, and ironic hipster pins, but don’t- trust me. You just end up looking like the prize counter at Chuck-E-Cheese barfed all over you. And that, my friends, is not a good look; b) Consider proportion. Teenage me would have worn these itty bitty shorts with a tank top, but adult me knows that balance is key. If you’re showing a lot of skin in one area, cover up another. Keep it classy; and %) OWN IT. If you’re perpetually worried that you look a little bit silly, it’s going to read all over you and guess what? You’re going to look silly. If you’re feeling your look, who cares what others think? Life is too short to worry about people who want to bring you down. Slip on your favorite shade blockers and blast some TSwift because the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

FBC- Dinosaur Shirt

FBC- Emily's Fave Gold Flats

Yes folks, it’s really that simple. I promise. So braid back your second day bangs, grab your chillest sunnies, slip into something silly, and roar into the weekend!

Rawr rawr, I'm a dinosaur...
Rawr rawr, I’m a dinosaur…


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