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We’ve been talking all things Fall this week, which you know I love.  Alas, dreaming about Fall does not make it come any faster (though you can’t blame a girl for trying!), and every time I try to wear my cute Fall looks outside, I pass out from heat exhaustion in approximately 2.5 seconds. No matter how cute the outfit may be, no look can withstand being worn by a girl crumpled on the floor in a sweaty heap (despite my insistence that I am just suffering from “the vapors”, which sounds infinitely more ladylike…).

So, until my beautiful, illusive Fall arrives, I guess I am forced to continue showing off my favorite heat-beating summer ensembles (#struggle).

Remember many years ago, back in the late 90s-early 2000s (pause for rush of nostalgia) when society convinced us that for something to fit right or be “fashionable”, it had to be form-fitting?  I don’t know what we were thinking (maybe as a group we can blame “The Puffy Shirt” episode of Seinfeld?), but we seemed pretty certain that the bloused, billowy look was unflattering.







Thank goodness we got over that stupidity and realized that nothing looks more charmingly effortless and yet somehow polished and put together than a flow-y oversized blouse.  My new go-to look is a half tucked blouse (like this one seen here, #nsale got me again!) paired with a fun patterned midi skirt, some slim fit cuffed pants, or this great pair of shorts (you literally cannot go wrong with scalloped lace).  It’s a great basic look for everyone that allows for infinite possibilities (just don’t accessorize with an urban sombrero or a European carry-all, not every Seinfeld fashion decision is worth revisiting).


Blouse | Shorts Similar 1 Similar 2 | Shoes Similar | Earrings | Sunglasses


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