Let’s Go to the Beach


Aka, “How to dress for a family photo on the beach when you’ve been on the beach all day”

Outer Banks, NCSo! Yes. I am at the beach this week with my husband’s extended family. Please accept this as my excuse for keeping this short and sweet.

Anyway, as part of our beach house rental, we got a free family photo session. Given that we were going to be taking the photos on the beach,  the only logical choice was to wear a sundress.

Beach Look

… this may also have been the only logical choice because it was the only summer-appropriate outfit I could scrounge up that even kinda fit the recommended family color scheme of navy, khaki, and white.


But that’s ok! Because I love this dress. It’s comfy, cute, and works just as well over a swimsuit as it does in the office (with a cardi and heels, of course).

Wardrobe issues aside, the bigger challenge was figuring out something to do with my saltwater and sunscreen soaked hair that would look good in photos but wouldn’t require me to fight the rest of the (15 other) beach house dwellers for one of the few showers. I ended up pulling it back into a simple updo to keep it out of the way.


(True fact: I am a one trick pony when it comes to updos. It’s this or bust)

Accessorize with some simple pearl earrings, a delightful lack of shoes, and a husband whose beach appropriate navy-white-or-khaki wardrobe is even more lacking than you own, and bam. You’re ready to take some pictures.

Jess8 (2)(not only are those patterns just ridiculous together… but that’s actually a BLACK checked shirt, not navy. Yep. Major fail.)

Photos finished, retreat to an oceanfront restaurant to enjoy a spectacular sunset and crab cakes.

Sunset of dreams

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