Black, White, and Working

Black & white work look

I was absolutely, 100% convinced that I would hate this shirt when I ordered it. But… it was $15 on sale, I was desperate for more work shirts, and I needed to meet Loft’s draconian $125 free shipping minimum. So into the basket it went…

…and then I had to physically restrain myself from wearing it more than once a week.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how much I adore this shirt. It’s warm enough in winter, cool enough in summer, dresses up, dresses down, and neutral enough to allow me to wear my favorite banana yellow heels. Yellow pointy toed heels

This is my favorite way to wear it. Black skinny pants (do I wear black skinny jeans to work and pretend like they’re legit work apparel? I sure do), spiky necklace of unknown origin, bright heels (occasionally red or turquoise, too), and my ubiquitous Kate Spade tote.


This is my work outfit happy place.

Black & white work lookClearly 🙂

Shirt (same cut, similar pattern) | Pants | Shoes (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Purse (similar)

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