Walkin’ on Sunshine







So here’s the thing about summer in St. Louis. It is hot. Like hell on earth hot. It is also humid, to the point where when you go outside, you cannot tell whether the moisture on your body is sweat or condensation. (What? I’m not selling summer in St. Louis as a tourist destination? Could’ve fooled me.)

In weather like this, it is a challenge just to go outside, much less look good while doing it. One of my biggest struggles when dressing for this time of year is not overdoing it but still feeling like I look put together. Sure, a dress, blazer and scarf would look adorable, but I would melt into a wicked-witch-like puddle in .5 seconds, which would kind of ruin the whole vibe I’m going for.

So, what is a girl to do?Jeanne9


Booyah, sundresses, a chick’s best bud. Summer is the time for bare limbs and bright colors, revel in it baby! Experiment with cute patterns and unusual cuts (like the floral halter dress I am sporting) because you don’t have to sweat about matching anything to it. You just throw it on with some shoes and a cute purse and you’re out the door! …For 5 min, until you are sweltering in the heat and crawling stylishly towards the nearest building with A/C.


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