Style Starting Point


This is what I look like most days.

Hair up, skinny jeans, drape-y top. In fact, I own this shirt and these pants in 3 and 2 colors, respectively. In my defense, I work at a school. During the summer, when all the kids are on vacation, we all revert to casual dress. And when I say casual, I mean show-up-in-shorts-and-yoga-pants casual. I’m not great at getting that casual (not even in my own home – case in point, it’s 10 on a Sunday night and I’m still in jeans and jewelry…), but I’m not about to show up in a dry clean only skirt and heels when everyone else is wearing t-shirts, so here we are.




Thankfully, I love this look. I look casual-office-polished, but I basically feel like I’m wearing pajamas. And I love that by switching up the accessories and adding a jacket, I can turn my 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts into… honestly… at least 2 outfits a week. #sorrynotsorry

Shirt | Pants | Necklace (altered to my own tastes) | Earrings




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