A Classic Act

When it comes to color combos, I think we all can agree that black and white is a classic for a reason. And while it is a total favorite, it is a combination that I sometimes struggle with because it can be so stark. Usually, my solution for that is to add a 3rd pop of color (red of course, or blue or another neutral), but I thought why not challenge myself by limiting my palate to black and white only and let the pair really shine on its own. Plus, I wanted to give my winter whites one last frolic before Spring comes around and wearing white jeans is no longer such a defiant act (I may not be James Dean, but I can rebel with the best of them).


Top: Old Navy

Jeans: LOFT

Hat: Emily’s (Similar)

Watch: Fossil

Bracelet: Paperdolls Boutique (Similar)

Booties: Madden Girl (Similar)


The Bomb-Diggity

Listen, I’m not usually one for trends. From trucker hats on people without a commercial driver’s license to pants over dresses to shorts with UGG boots to anything with a drop crotch, the human race has worn a lot of confusing, terrible things. To be honest, my “classic with a twist” style is far too mercurial to keep up with fashion’s constant evolution – usually by the time I catch up to a trend it’s so 2000-and-late (much like that song reference). Instead, I tend to stick to tried and true basics and gussy them up pops of the unexpected – a tutu here, a funky blazer there, a light up sneaker everywhere… you know, the usual. But once in a blue moon, a trend will come along that just gets ME. One of the hottest trends this spring is the embellished bomber jacket. I love this look because not only is it relaxed enough for the weekends, it’s just dressy enough to take to work. Unsure how to wear one with anything but jeans? Try this – in any situation that you’d normally toss a cardigan on, try an embellished bomber instead. Plus, it’s one of the few trends that’s got a little something for everyone: They’ve got patches, they’re embroidered, they’re printed, they’re leather, they’re lace… And let’s be real – you know a trend is legit AF when Mary Berry is on board.

Her job is to eat pastries and then judge other people for it? All while wearing the world’s swaggiest jacket collection? That’s #lifegoals, my friends. Now, this is a trend you can go out and blow a paycheck on… or you can just stop by some place like Target and just peruse. I was drawn to this particular one like a moth to a flame, but maybe you prefer to tone down your florals or maybe you’re more of lace lover than a flower power gal. Trust me, you’ve got options, I’ve checked.

Bomber: Target

Plum Jeans: American Eagle

Spike Loafers: Bakers (similar)

Earrings: Jeanne’s (similar)