A Palm For The Soul

Hello everyone, my name is Jeanne, and I am a pattern addict. Yes, you name the pattern, I probably adore it. Preppy polka dots, fabulous florals, gorgeous gingham, perky plaid, and don’t even get me started on the superiority of stripes. I love them all and just can’t get enough.

That being said, as someone who is always on the lookout for the next big print, there is one that took me a bit by surprise. And that is the palm.

Six months ago, if you had told me I would be obsessed with a print comprised of giant leaves, I would have called you crazy (and asked why if you had a time machine, you would choose to go back six months and talk to me about patterns…). And yet, here I am, a girl with yet another print to have and to hold.

As far as addictions go, I am going to say this one is pretty benign..which means I have zero intention of doing anything about it! So bring on the stripes, both horizontal and vertical, bring on the flora and the fauna, because I am an equal opportunity pattern employer and I am here to catch them all!


Top: Banana Republic

Shorts: Old Navy

Bracelet: Julie Vos (In Different Color)

Heels: Steve Madden

Hardworking, Detail Oriented

As much as I like to look at the big picture over all, everyone knows the devil’s in the deets. Even the most elementary of outfit formulas can be jazzed up with a key element or two – a little pattern play can spice up your go-to work outfit and a blazer and jeans are the perfect backdrop to some mixed metallics. I love taking something basic and elevating it with a tweak here and there. Take this outfit, for example – blouse and jeans, seems simple enough, right? What if I were to tell you that the reason it works is that all of the additional pieces are working together to tell a cohesive story? The braided detail on the clutch’s zipper pull mimics the weave and exaggerated pull on the shoes. The x ring also winks at that criss-cross pattern while creating triangles in the negative space that give a nod to the earrings. And the earrings? Well, they point directly to the cool pleated detail on the back of the blouse (which also happens to be reminiscent of the slashes on the shoes #nbd)

In fashion and life, teamwork makes the dream work, you guys. So even when you’re rocking something that seems pretty straightforward, don’t be afraid to add in a cool element (a scallop short here, a bunny rabbit there…) to keep it interesting.

pleated back blouse: LOFT

skinny jeans: American Eagle

woven peep-toe booties: Target

fold over clutch: Target (similar)

triangle dangles: Fashion Lane truck (similar)

rose gold x ring: Charming Charlie

tortoise shell sunglasses: Charming Charlie

initial E ring: Down by the Station boutique (similar)